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About Fanconi Anaemia

What is Fanconi Anaemia? FA is a rare, cancer-predisposing disorder affecting about 150 or more families in the UK (the true extent is unknown) manifested by: A variable presence of congenital anomalies in up to 70% of cases (e.g., thumb and kidney abnormalities) Progressive bone marrow failure in childhood usually leading to haematopoietic stem cell […]

Links for Clinicians and Researchers

UK and Ireland Clinical, Research and Health Organisations British Society of Haematology British Society forĀ Genetic Medicine Clinical Genetics Society Association of Genetic Nurses and CounsellorsNational Cancer Research Institute UK Cancer Genetics Group Irish Society of Human Genetics British Society for Gene and Cell Therapy British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons Human Fertilisation and […]