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Studies into the Role of Alcohol in DNA Damage

(Published with kind permission from Bev Mayhew, Exec Director of FARF) Dear FA families, An article by KJ Patel, MD, PhD, from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, was published last month in the scientific journal, Nature. Dr. Patel, who received support from FARF for this work, studied the role of a toxic […]

Gene Therapy Research and Trials

Eurofancolen Gene Therapy Trial (2014+) led by Dr Juan Bueren at CIEMAT in Spain: Phase I/II Gene therapy trial of Fanconi anemia patients with a new Orphan Drug consisting of a lentiviral vector carrying the FANCA gene: A Coordinated International Action.   More about the trial. Downloadable Documentation: European Medicines Agency Draft Eu Guideline on quality, site non-clinical […]

Gene Testing

Genetic analysis in FA in general involves first determining which one of thirteen genes described to date is affected (‘complementation group analysis’) and then going on to identify the specific mistake in each of the two copies of the affected gene (by gene sequencing/mutation analysis). It is recommended that complementation group analysis is performed in the […]

Research for Families

UK Fanconi Anaemia Research   Fanconi Hope Research Project Funding. Fanconi Hope provides supporting funding for UK-based research projects identified by the US-based Fanconi Anemia Research Fund’s (FARF) Scientific Advisory Board. Research management and review are also carried out by the Advisory Board. We donate our research funds direct to FARF who in turn disburse […]


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Clinicians and Researchers

Please see posts at foot of page for the latest Clinician/Researcher News UK and Ireland Fanconi Anaemia Clinical Network Contact details of the current FA Clinical Network .  The map shows the locations of the current membership. If you would like to join, please contact us UK Fanconi Anaemia Research Network The researchers detailed in this […]


The UK & Ireland Fanconi Anaemia Family/Clinical Network is a recently formed group of NHS clinicians who are responsible nationally for providing treatment for the rare genetic disorder Fanconi Anaemia.  The Clinical Network also includes FA family/parent representation.  The NHS clinicians involved are throughout the UK and include paediatric haematologists, sick clinical geneticists, view head & neck […]