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Garden tools: petrol strimmers discussed

Are the main reasons of all petrol strimmer was the fact that my Gardens completely overgrown in his rather large which means there cordless electric or a typical corded electric grass trimmer wouldn’t do the job. So that’s why I bought myself a petrol strimmer and actually it’s one of the best investments I have made my life song they give you some of the information they were going to help you to buy one of the best ones on the market too.

Why buy a petrol strimmer?

For me, the main reason to buy petrol strimmers was because I simply needed something to get the job done in style, and I really needed something with a lot of get up and go, so I could get my garden into shape as quickly as possible. Petrol strimmers are known to be extremely high powered, their almost made as commercial products in themselves. That doesn’t mean that a homeowner wouldn’t take advantage of having a petrol strimmer as I certainly did. It was certainly worth the investment and they normally about twice the price of a normal cordless electric strimmer but then don’t let that put you off because I save a huge amount of time and if you think about the cost of your time then it’s a no-brainer.

The big benefits of having a quality petrol strimmer in the garden

One of the biggest benefits of having a high power petrol strimmer was about the huge amount of time I saved and I really got a job done to a high standard. I really didn’t need to change all that much in terms of line because it was so powerful than he just simply cut straight through and caused very little damage to the actual strimmer itself. I must say that I was really happy about the fact that I invested heavily in this item.

The other massive benefit of having high quality petrol strimmers the factors extremely safe and comfortable to use. The handle was a really soft grip and it was very well fitting to my hand. That’s quite surprising because most tools required are bulky to use. This one was actually really good and as a result I’m absolutely happy to recommend it.

Looking at surprise me about this item requires who was the fact that is actually really lightweight. If you think about the 50cc engine and that’s almost the same as a little scooter, you dictated to be extremely heavy because of the technology and the quality of this 2-stroke engine it really was a high quality petrol strimmer and got the job done and gave me huge power and extremely comfortable way to pick up.

I bought the ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter Grass Trimmer

I bought the ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter Grass Trimmer also just known as a good old fashioned ParkerBrand petrol strimmer from Amazingly it was actually on sale for under 100 quid and I thought I bagged myself a complete bargain if you think about the fact that an electric one would be nearly that price anyway, normally they are literally double as I mentioned earlier on in the actual article itself.

I bought it because it has a huge number of positive reviews and actually I’ve really not been disappointed by those reviews they are clearly genuine.
The key features of a ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter Grass Trimmer – Petrol strimmer

Goes without saying the best thing about the Parker brand petrol strimmer with the founders of 52cc engine then it came with a huge amount of power delivering full rev range at 7 1/2 thousand revs. As an incredible amount of power and revs for a little engine..

Another handy advantage of the fact that it came with a brush cutter as well as a grass trimmer spool attachment as well. If you think about the fact that grass trimmer spool would be an additional cost normally this is a real nice bonus save you buying two different items.

Following on from that additional little bonus, you also get all tool kit, harness, and fuel mixing bottle; this will help you to mix the two stroke in with the petrol because that’s actually really difficult job to do if you think about that you have to do it before you put it into the engine. Putting into the engine itself prior is a dangerous thing to do. You never know if you’re going to get the right mix of two stroke and petrol which can I believe it burning ritual were still you can actually see the engine. That’s one of the downsides of actually having a petrol strimmer but that’s practically the only thing you can really think of other than the noise. Otherwise it’s all good news and extremely high powered and gets the job done quickly. So whatever, I’m extremely happy with my petrol strimmer purchase and let’s see if you can comment and let me know what you think about too.

Garden Fork

Different Sizes and Uses of a Garden Fork

In some instances when the use of a garden tiller would be ideal, it cannot be done. The reason is that some patches of land are very small or cannot be accessed, so there is no way to get a large motor operated machine in the area to break up the soil. In these instances a garden fork is called upon to do all of the work that a tiller often does in modern day gardening.

Gardening is not all flowers and fruits, it can be hard work. In some instances you need to move the soil and this can take time and effort. However, with a garden fork, you have a strong implement in which to break up tough soil, a physical, easier way to till by hand without any motorised tools.

Garden Fork

The Right Size for the Job

Luckily for gardeners, garden fork comes in a variety of sizes and styles and it will depend on your needs which one is the right one for you. For small garden beds which needs some soil break up and simple root aeration, a small hand held garden fork would be perfect. However, for large patches of ground, a taller, stronger, heavy duty garden fork would be best for breaking up rocky soil, compacted dirt and aerating large plants and shrubs. As you can see, you will need to look at the land and decide how big your job is.

Gardeners will find that there are a lot of options. In fact there is a special garden fork specifically for garden composting and it looks similar to the gardening version except for the fact that the tines are farther apart and curved. With compost, you are turning and mixing peat and compost and you need tines that allow for chunks to prevent from clumping on the fork while at the same time still serving to scoop and mix as is indicated for good compost.

How It’s Made

Usually the garden fork is made with stainless steel or other heavy duty materials, although the handle may be made of other materials. For instance, some of these tools may have a solid hardwood handle made for durability and time while others may be made from steel. The large version and even the smaller handheld version of the garden fork typically has a “D” shaped handle which offers your hands the best grip and leverage when you are turning the ground.

If you need help controlling slippage, you may want to consider the options that have rubber on the handles as this can assist with this problem. Another reason for the grips on this particular garden tool is to help prevent the formation of blisters, a common malady gardeners suffer when faced with repetitive movements against a tool without adequate protection.

The Main Purpose of a Garden Spading Fork
Spading Fork

The Main Purpose of a Garden Spading Fork

There are many people who enjoy gardening. Studies also claim that those who putter around in the garden, planting and taking care of plants often have less stressful lives and are calmer. There are many gardening tools that are needed to be able to garden properly. One of these gardening tools is the garden spading fork.

Each gardening tool has its very own purpose. Some tools for the garden may have dual purposes while some have specific purposes, which is why they are seldom used but are useful when the right time comes. The garden spading fork is one of the more useful kinds of garden implements. Most of these kinds of garden tools are made from stainless steel or carbon steel so they will not rust or deteriorate fast especially since the garden means lots of soil and water that can affect metal.

What a Garden Spading Fork Looks Like

The garden spading fork has a handle at one end and several short prongs at the business end. These prongs of the garden spading fork are short and thick. Actually, this garden tool bears a remarkable resemblance to a pitchfork but the difference lies in the prongs. The prongs of the pitchfork are thinner, longer and round. They are also quite far apart from each other compared to the prongs of the garden spading fork. The prongs of the garden spading fork are closer to each other and shaped flat. Compared to a pitchfork, this garden implement also has a shorter handle with a grip the shape of a capital letter D at the end.

Uses of a Garden Spading Fork

The primary use of the garden spading fork is to specifically lift and loosen soil from the ground. It functions sort of like a shovel or a spade, hence the name garden spading fork. The thicker and closer prongs of this garden tool also ensure that it can carry a considerable amount of soil. The prongs also act as a sort of rake when loosening the soil in the garden or farm where the individual is working.

Another use of a garden spading fork is to lift root crops like potatoes or yams from the ground. Some other people also use this garden tool for many other purposes such as to rake smaller rocks from the soil and to dig up a hole if there is no shovel or spade.


What Are Ergonomic Garden Tools?

Gardening is a past time that goes back as far as history goes, as people and plants just seem to go together perfectly. For the gardening enthusiasts, it is important to have the right tools to pursue their gardening dreams.

If you garden, you know that there are already many different tools on the market and these can be easily found at area gardening stores or home improvement stores. For people with special needs, ergonomic garden tools are an alternative tool that can be used.

Ergonomic garden tools are made to be easy to hold and use so you don’t have to be uncomfortable when you are gardening. These ergonomic garden tools are ideal for those who have problems with their joints or who find it difficult to use traditional garden tools.

Different Types of Ergonomic Garden Tools

Ergonomic tools provide people with physical limitations to continue to enjoy their love of gardening. Ergonomic garden tools help assist a person in the garden and bring back the joy of spending time in the garden.

A dual stool and storage box is one popular ergonomic garden tool. These stools work because they all for the gardener the ability to be able to store their tools and take them around the yard, and the other is to supply the gardener with a place to sit while they work in the yard.

Ergonomic garden tools are made with longer and bigger handles so that they are easy to hold and use. Everyday items such as rakes and shovels can even be found in ergonomic design today!

Most ergonomic garden tools have comfort grip handles. They may also have a grip that can be held onto in order to use the tool. These grips allow the person to hold the tools in a different manner than is traditionally thought of. This can be much easier for a person as they may have lost strength in their hands and being able to grip a tool puts pressure in a better area of the hand.

For those who cannot be on their feet, there are also tools that allow for the user to sit and garden! These tools have longer handles but still have foam grips so that they are easy to use.

Ergonomic garden tools have really enhanced the lives of many people who thought they would have to give up their favourite hobby due to a disability. Ergonomic garden tools allow for garden enthusiasts to do what they love…in comfort!

Gardening Tools

Antique Garden Tools: Use and Enjoy them Now

You might look at those old or antique garden tools that your mother uses and laugh, but you shouldn’t. Those tools are some of the best made tools on the market today, no doubt about it. These days, tools may be made from stainless steel but their handles or other components are often made from cheap materials that break easily. Tools that are made today don’t last long and usually just end up taking place in local dumps and landfills!

Antique Garden Tools Boast Better Craftsmanship

You may not realise it, but antique garden tools are collected by a growing number of gardeners from around the world. These tools were likely forged by blacksmiths for the metal parts and crafted by someone who knew how to make tools last several lifetimes. Tools from the past are unique because they were not mass produced so they were well made and served a specific purpose.

A lot of people enjoy antique garden tools because they are made out of metal and wood, materials that stand up well over time. Of course, other materials were used at the time, depending on the type of antique garden tools made and for what purpose. There were even tools that made perfect sense at the time of creation but which would have no practical purpose being used now. These items make great collectors items and are often worth quite a bit!


Antique GardenTools Lesson

Garden tools are often taken for granted, even if you use them every day. Some people buy their tools or perhaps they were given to you by a grandparent or even found in a recently purchased home. These tools should be treasured as they probably have quite a bit of history associated with them.

Curved sickles are commonly seen antique garden tools. These tools were used to pick up bales of hay on farms. If you ever see an old metal box with metal tines on one side, this tool was likely a berry picker. Among other antique garden tools you may find are folding saws, a ring barking tool, and other items that will make a great addition to your antique garden tools collection.

If you own antique garden tools that you don’t value or use, you might want to bring them to an antique dealer to have them appraised. Sometimes, local museums will do this for free, especially if you loan them to the museum for display to the public. You would be surprised at how many people are fascinated by the history, craftsmanship and use of these antique garden tools. You might be surprised about how much you can make from them, too!

Gardening Tools

Garden Rakes Are Very Important Gardening Tools

Garden rakes can be one of the most useful garden tools that you can have in your shed. Garden rakes help to keep your lawn tidy and are useful for preparing the soil to plant your garden.

The Material Used to Make the Rake

When you are choosing your garden rake, it is important to consider the material from which the rake is made. For some people, the heavier steel rake is fine. For other people with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or those who experience weakness in their hands or wrists, it is easier to choose a lightweight rake that is easier to use.

You can find garden rakes made from steel, aluminium, plastic and a combination of wood and metal. Metal rakes are good at working the soil quickly. If you choose a plastic rake, make sure that the plastic material is high strength so that it will not break when you need it.

The Head of the Rake

You can choose garden rakes with a wide head. A wider head will allow you to cover the ground at a faster rate. A smaller head will let you work at smaller spots that can be hard to rake with a wide head rake. It is recommended that you have two rakes, one with a wide head and another with a smaller head.

The Handle of the Rake

You can choose a rake with the simple and traditional long handle or you can choose an ergonomic rake that is designed to take the stress off your back. On some ergonomic rakes, you can adjust the position of the head for easier use and less strain. Other ergonomic garden rakes have a curved handle that also relieves back strain.

Wet Leaf Rake

For wet raking jobs, you can use a rake that allows you to make the rake tines stiffer, unlike the more flexible setting, which is easier for dry leaves. The tine stiffening action makes it easier to draw in wet material.

Garden rakes are one of the most important garden tools that you will use. A garden rake is used throughout the gardening season. You will use a garden rake for preparing the soil, maintaining your garden and keeping your lawn and garden tidy, especially during the fall season. When making your choice for your garden rakes, carefully consider the material, shape and ergonomic design of the garden rake because it is a garden tool that you will use frequently.