Antique Garden Tools: Use and Enjoy them Now


You might look at those old or antique garden tools that your mother uses and laugh, but you shouldn’t. Those tools are some of the best made tools on the market today, no doubt about it. These days, tools may be made from stainless steel but their handles or other components are often made from cheap materials that break easily. Tools that are made today don’t last long and usually just end up taking place in local dumps and landfills!

Antique Garden Tools Boast Better Craftsmanship

You may not realise it, but antique garden tools are collected by a growing number of gardeners from around the world. These tools were likely forged by blacksmiths for the metal parts and crafted by someone who knew how to make tools last several lifetimes. Tools from the past are unique because they were not mass produced so they were well made and served a specific purpose.

A lot of people enjoy antique garden tools because they are made out of metal and wood, materials that stand up well over time. Of course, other materials were used at the time, depending on the type of antique garden tools made and for what purpose. There were even tools that made perfect sense at the time of creation but which would have no practical purpose being used now. These items make great collectors items and are often worth quite a bit!


Antique GardenTools Lesson

Garden tools are often taken for granted, even if you use them every day. Some people buy their tools or perhaps they were given to you by a grandparent or even found in a recently purchased home. These tools should be treasured as they probably have quite a bit of history associated with them.

Curved sickles are commonly seen antique garden tools. These tools were used to pick up bales of hay on farms. If you ever see an old metal box with metal tines on one side, this tool was likely a berry picker. Among other antique garden tools you may find are folding saws, a ring barking tool, and other items that will make a great addition to your antique garden tools collection.

If you own antique garden tools that you don’t value or use, you might want to bring them to an antique dealer to have them appraised. Sometimes, local museums will do this for free, especially if you loan them to the museum for display to the public. You would be surprised at how many people are fascinated by the history, craftsmanship and use of these antique garden tools. You might be surprised about how much you can make from them, too!

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