Garden Rakes Are Very Important Gardening Tools


Garden rakes can be one of the most useful garden tools that you can have in your shed. Garden rakes help to keep your lawn tidy and are useful for preparing the soil to plant your garden.

The Material Used to Make the Rake

When you are choosing your garden rake, it is important to consider the material from which the rake is made. For some people, the heavier steel rake is fine. For other people with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or those who experience weakness in their hands or wrists, it is easier to choose a lightweight rake that is easier to use.

You can find garden rakes made from steel, aluminium, plastic and a combination of wood and metal. Metal rakes are good at working the soil quickly. If you choose a plastic rake, make sure that the plastic material is high strength so that it will not break when you need it.

The Head of the Rake

You can choose garden rakes with a wide head. A wider head will allow you to cover the ground at a faster rate. A smaller head will let you work at smaller spots that can be hard to rake with a wide head rake. It is recommended that you have two rakes, one with a wide head and another with a smaller head.

The Handle of the Rake

You can choose a rake with the simple and traditional long handle or you can choose an ergonomic rake that is designed to take the stress off your back. On some ergonomic rakes, you can adjust the position of the head for easier use and less strain. Other ergonomic garden rakes have a curved handle that also relieves back strain.

Wet Leaf Rake

For wet raking jobs, you can use a rake that allows you to make the rake tines stiffer, unlike the more flexible setting, which is easier for dry leaves. The tine stiffening action makes it easier to draw in wet material.

Garden rakes are one of the most important garden tools that you will use. A garden rake is used throughout the gardening season. You will use a garden rake for preparing the soil, maintaining your garden and keeping your lawn and garden tidy, especially during the fall season. When making your choice for your garden rakes, carefully consider the material, shape and ergonomic design of the garden rake because it is a garden tool that you will use frequently.

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